May 27-30, 2020

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday were spent selling things on Facebook, moving personal stuff to the basement, selling things on Facebook, setting up for our garage sale, selling more things on Facebook and getting lots of help from friends.

Keilana made ALL of the signs!

Our friends came over Thursday night to help us put out signs for the garage sale, move furniture up from the basement and clean our kitchen cabinets. We enjoyed some great conversation and were so thankful for their sacrificial friendship!

Friday we did our garage sale, and our friends came by again to help set up, loan tables, and clean our upstairs while we manned the sale. We have awesome friends! It was a quiet sale – things are still pretty low key and lots of people are staying at home. We had better success with FB sales than the garage sale.

While we babysat the sale, I digitized our recipe book, so we have them on the road with us if needed. The kids all decided to sell their bikes and scooters (because they got to keep the money), so now they are loaded with cash for our trip!

On Saturday we spent the morning consolidating things in the basement, and cleaning, cleaning, cleaning. I had Jessica, who usually cleans our basement, come and help with the heavy lifting (i.e. the bathrooms) and we cleaned and organized our hearts out. Then we headed out to do a few more errands, and dropped the kids off at a friend’s while we headed back to the house to meet the guests who were picking up keys and doing a final walkthrough. They are so excited to rent, and we are so excited to head out on our adventure! After they left we grabbed dinner and then picked up the kids, chatted with friends for a few minutes, ran another errand and then headed home. We all slept in the basement (to keep the clean house clean!) and it was lots of fun. We got everything organized and settled for what we were leaving, and partially packed the van. We won’t leave super early in the morning, but it’s always easier to have the work done early!

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