Week 1 ~ January 1-7, 2021

We started off the year with a date night, which was a great way to start! We tried out a Mexican place down in Parker that was eat-in. It was fine, but nothing really noteworthy about it. Don’t think we’ll be back to that one again!

Keilana and Cassandra worked this week on making nametags for all of the Duplo animals and people. There were dozens of them! 🙂 It kept them busy for quite a long time.

I’ve been shopping and placing orders and getting everything set for baby. Nesting is hitting hard, especially now that Christmas is over. I ordered these adorable headbands for baby’s newborn photo shoot – can’t wait.

We celebrated King’s Day – the kids were really into finding the star every night this year, which was super fun. They are also understanding more of the scriptures we read, and the prophecies that the wise men would have had access to. It’s neat to see them start to put all the pieces together! We were very brave this year and deep fried churros and whipped up our own chocolate. It was really close to Spanish style – we’re getting better at this! Everyone enjoyed the churros, and then we looked for the star one more time, read the account of the wise men coming to meet baby Jesus with gifts, and Lover and I pretended that we were the wise men and the kids were the baby Jesus, so we presented them with our gift. They were thrilled to get more Duplo animals, and immediately got started on building habitats for them. We didn’t see much of them the rest of the morning!

Lover put together quite a spread for us while I went to my appointment with my midwife. He made a rocking tortilla, all kinds of meats and cheeses, fruits and nuts, etc. It was a perfect King’s Day spread.

We’re doing a date night trade with friends this week, so on Thursday we had their kids at our house. They brought a game that they played with Lover, while I cleaned and packed up Christmas. Everyone was happy. We love the weeks that we trade date nights, because it means that we get to stay home and hang out in the comfort and warmth of our home, without all the family noise! 🙂 And that’s a wrap on the first week of 2021!

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