Last Day of 2020! ~ December 31, 2020

Well, it feels like this year has been way longer than previous years. As a kid, I felt like years took such a long time to go by, but as an adult, time seems to go faster and faster. Until 2020! When everything came screeching to a halt in March, it felt like we had reverted back to childhood time passage, but still with all the adult and parental responsibilities! 0/10 recommend. 🙂

We tried to make NYE special for us and the kids. We started our day making cinnamon rolls, and then packed everybody up and drove up to the arsenal. I miss walking in nature, but my hips don’t cooperate for any length of time, so we settled for a nice long drive through nature instead. There were a surprising amount of cars at the arsenal today, and I was so happy that we got right out the door because the arsenal was closing early for NYE! We drove Wildlife Drive, saw bison and deer and lots of birds, and then even saw one of the bald eagles! It was all so pretty with the snow and the blue skies.

When we stopped for a bathroom break, the three younger kids wanted to run for a bit, so we parked and let them get some energy out. They did races for a while and then it was time to head home. Later, after food and naps, we watched Wonder Woman. It’s such a good movie, and the soundtrack is absolutely top notch! Then we put the kids to bed and went to bed ourselves – I didn’t even bother trying to stay up til midnight this year, I knew I wouldn’t make it!

Sayonara, 2020 – there’s been lots of good in this year, but plenty of bad as well. We’re looking forward to a New Year, meeting a new member of our family, spring coming again, and keeping our hope in Jesus! Going forward we won’t continue to post every day, but hope to post once a week or so just to keep a general record of our days. This has been a fun experiment to document an entire year, but also a truckload of work and we need to simplify our workload a bit as we head into newborn territory again! 🙂

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