Quiet Indoor Day ~ December 30, 2020

We spent the day getting little projects done, cleaning up the house and getting organized. I’m getting restless – ready to have the house in order and things settled before baby gets here. The kids had their cereal/shows morning, and we met with the midwife. It was a longer appointment as we had a lot to go over, and she answered all of our plentiful questions. I love how patient she is!

After she left, Lover helped Javi assemble the pterodactyl figure he got for his birthday, and everyone played playdoh for a while. With the chilly weather they’re not spending as much time outside, so we have been breaking out the fun (and messy!) indoor toys. 🙂 We’re looking forward to AWANA and other things starting up again in the new year, things have been too quiet around here for the last few weeks!

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