Formatting books ~ December 29, 2020

We are drawing ever closer to our latest book launch, and we’ve been working with a friend on the cover while also learning how to format the book ourselves! It’s a bit of an undertaking, and not the most entertaining way to pass the time, but I’m confident that the end product will be much more polished looking than last time. 🙂 Our little Chromebooks are not powerful enough though, so Lover’s been running to the library and doing stints on their computers to get a batch of work done at a time. He’s making lots of progress!

I went out today to do some shopping, and get a few things we need for baby. Tomorrow we have our at home appointment with the midwife, to make sure everything is set for the birth. When I came home, I discovered the kids had figured out how to all ride the hammock swing together, and they were having an absolute blast! I’m forever impressed with their endless ability to entertain themselves in new ways!

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