A failed swimming expedition ~ June 26, 2020

Friday we had a lazy morning, and then after Lover finished up work we headed out. I’ve also been working with a book formatter all week doing revision after revision to get my book properly formatted for Kindle for our release on July 7th! It’s taken a surprising amount of time, but I think we are in the home stretch. Also finalizing the cover design, and investigating all of the necessary details with publishing on Amazon. In addition, I finished the edit of Intruder (book 2) and sent it to my first readers. Now I get to sit on pins and needles until we get to hear their thoughts!

Our plan was to go swimming – and we even had the kids get changed before we went. But between Tuesday and Friday they shut down a bunch more of the parks, and beach accesses. We drove across the bridge in the hopes of finding somewhere outside the city, but we were short on luck. We did find water, but it was too rough and deep for the little kids. And it was cold! And starting to rain! We found a playground and the kids played for a bit while Lover and I worked on the plot/backstory for book 3. But then it was shockingly cold, so we headed back and went grocery shopping. So the day didn’t go as planned, but it was still productive and we had some fun.

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