Back in Church! & A New Van~ July 12, 2020

Sunday morning we got the kids up, dressed and fed, and then loaded up in the van. We drove down near Parker, and checked out a Kia Sedona down there. The family that was selling the van was super nice, and we really liked the van. It’s old with a bunch of miles, but everything seems to be in working order, and it seemed like a very good fit for our family. We bought it on the spot after a test drive, and the kids were super excited!

Then we loaded up, drove the new van back to Sandy’s, parked it, and drove right to church. It was so nice to be back at our home church! Lots of smiles and hugs and conversations about our trip. And what we’ve missed in the last six weeks! We were actually quite late to our life group picnic because so many people stopped us to talk.

We had a great time with our life group, our first time all together since March! It was great to catch up with everyone and hear how their summer is going. We told some of our trip stories, and played games and talked. The kids played outside, got each other soaked with water guns, and enjoyed playing with the dog that the Johnson’s were dog sitting.

We left around 4, heading home to take care of a bunch of life stuff that needed to be taken care of. We balanced checkbooks, mailed cards, returned calls, etc. That’s been one of the most challenging parts of this trip is that some life things never stop, but we don’t have the routines needed to get them done easily. Just another interesting aspect of mobile life!

Then we all reconvened for ice cream. Sandy’s granddaughters were over, and my kids love playing with those girls. They all ate ice cream and enjoyed time together. Eventually it was time for bed, and Lover and I worked for a while on my author website. It still needs more fleshing out and detailing, but it’s a start.

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