Laundry, Swing Parks & That Boat Life ~ July 20, 2020

It was so great to wake up with my family! I missed them over the weekend. We all had a quiet morning. This Airbnb has a ton of fun toys, and the kids have been busy checking everything out. I caught up on recaps, Lover worked, and the kids played. Keilana made a restaurant sign and a menu, and treated Luke and I to lunch at KK’s Cafe. šŸ™‚ Then during quiet time I loaded up all of our laundry and headed to the local laundromat. I spent a couple of hours writing while I waited for our clothes to get sudsed.

In the afternoon we picked up salteƱas from a local place called Masa, and brought them to the boat. Tio was taking us out – onto the lake! We were a bit early, and everyone else was delayed, so we stopped at a swing park under one of the bridges. I was really tired at this point (my weekend was catching up with me!) so I stayed in the car and napped while the kids played and Lover hung out with them.

Then we headed to the marina, and hung out on the boat while we waited for Luke’s cousins. We ate the salteƱas – they were really good! Some were egg, others were cheese and spinach, meat or beans. Everything was really good (a smidge spicy for me) and the chimichurri sauce was yummy! The kids were so-so on the salteƱas, but later regretted not eating much. We eventually headed out towards the lake, and the water was really choppy! Javi got to drive which made him so happy. This kid was born for water. Then my daredevil son insisted on swimming in the lake with three foot waves!!! He had a life jacket and a rope tied to him, which is the only reason that I didn’t totally lose my mind. The waves were so choppy, and it was actually quite breezy, so after Javi’s swim I started getting seasick and everyone got really cold! So we headed back to the marina and got everyone home and warmed up. Our Airbnb is so cozy and comfy. We watched an episode of The Final Table, and then headed to bed. It was a good day!

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