COVID dragons, visits & Grandmas! ~ August 4, 2020

Tuesday was a VERY full day! We started out with Keilana going with Auntie to pick up donuts for all the cousins before they headed out on their camping trip. Then the kids and I loaded up and drove out to East Rochester to visit my brother Jon and get the oil changed in the van. We visited for a bit, met his bearded dragon COVID, and got to see his shop. The kids were fascinated with his shop, and it was all I could do to keep them from getting into trouble! And there are so many possibilities in a car shop!

After that, we headed downtown to see my grandma and my uncle. They had wanted us to stop by and visit for a bit, and I was a little nervous about the fact that it was pouring rain in Fairport when we left. Thankfully, the rain cleared up as we drove, and we were able to play outside and sit on the porch. Then they invited us in for a light lunch and a little birthday party for Declan! All the kids got some clothes too, which were very needed! We’ve been hard on clothes this trip! We kept our visit short and sweet but I’m glad the kiddos got to see their great grandma and uncle!

Then we headed back out to Brockport, just in time for a visit from our longtime friend Missy. We enjoyed a couple of hours with her (forgot to get a picture, darn!) getting caught up on everybody’s lives. Then they headed out and we welcomed Lover’s aunt and uncle, and visited with them for a few hours too! It was a full day, but it’s nice to reconnect with everyone. Such a great day!

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