Friend Reunion! ~ August 2, 2020

We were all up early enough and coherent enough to head to our old church for service this morning. It was an interesting experience to be back in such a familiar place but with so many unfamiliar faces! The church has changed a lot lately. But, it seems to be thriving and people were happy to be there, which is always nice to see!

After church we headed to the Burnetts for a friend reunion! We got several families together – all friends that we haven’t seen for many years. We’ve had two more kids in those years, several of them have had kids grow up and leave the house (or are just reaching that point) and there was a lot to catch up on! Colleen made us a veritable feast, and it was such a fun afternoon together. There were a ton of kids, several teenagers, and so many adults to catch up with. We talked books, Colorado life, changes in Rochester, church going, raising teenagers… it was wonderful. They are all excited for us, and wished us well in our upcoming year of release! Hopefully it won’t be another six years before we see them all again!

My cousin Katie was sad that we were moving out the next day, but we had a nice time with her that evening, and even remembered to snap a picture of all of our kids together!

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