January 23, 2020

On our calendar today, we put “Work on To Do” list. It was a very glamorous day. Laundry, patching wall holes, re-pasting wallpaper, removing a splashback from the kitchen wall and cleaning lots of gross stuff from behind the oven. I cleaned out the desk drawers and all the papers on the desk, and also went through all our keys. We’ve got a million copies of some of our locks, and only one of others, so it was time to sort all that out. I digitized all of our business contacts (and tossed the business cards). We also ran a couple of errands. We also added solar lights to the front of the garage, and got our old desktop ready to be listed on Craigslist.

School today was pretty self directed. Keilana finished her book! Everyone did a bunch of chores today, We did read alouds together – Keilana read two entire picture books to me and Javi read more of John 1. He asked questions about the chapter headings and we read several of those. Javi did a math worksheet. The kids played for a long time with kinetic sand, Javi spent a couple of hours listening to an audiobook, and there were also a few games of cards and Guess Who. The Bigs made their lunches for school tomorrow. The weather was nice for part of the day so the kids all played on their scooters today.

So not a super eventful day, but it was full of all of those little things that need to be done before we move, and so that we can rent out the house for top dollar in September!

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