January 24, 2020

Fridays are group school days for the Bigs. It was a bit of a process getting them out the door as we are still not in a routine after holiday break and all the sickness we’ve had. But, the Bigs went to school and the Littles were home. Cassandra is still feeling sick (which she reminds me of every time she coughs) and mostly wanted to be held all day.

I helped Lover with the overall look and cohesiveness of his website so that we are ready for our first appointments next week. This is very exciting! Lover spent a couple hours calling for appointments today but no more appointments set so far. We are considering a FB ad campaign as our next step.

Finally, an email answer from the Spanish consulate! Our first order of business is to request that the Spanish government reinstate my residency that I had as a teenager. If we are able to get that reinstated, the kids would be issued visas under me, and then we would just need a separate visa for Lover. It’s a frustrating and complicated process, but at least we took a tiny step forward today!

On the way home from school, Lover and the Bigs had a long discussion on atoms and how they can be divided, and why electronics sounds like electrons and how electricity is conducted through metals. Also, Declan has been exploring magnets this week, and discovering what conducts magnetism. His discovery today was that the tub is also a metal and he thinks the water makes the magnets “extra sticky”.

Littles and I spent several hours at the park soaking up the sunshine. One of the advantages of living in Denver – 60 degrees and sunny at the park today! We finished up some of the house projects we started yesterday, mainly the splashback removal and touchup of the paint. It looks so good that we want to do the other side of the kitchen now!

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