January 27, 2020

Mondays are always full days of getting the house reset after the weekend, getting back to school work, and getting started on the week’s work. The kids did some grammar work and math worksheets in the morning, along with their chores and getting themselves ready for the day.

We did a video call with my parents, and discussed visa options and residency options. The Spanish consulate is pushing us to first try and get at least my residency reinstated before we even have a conversation about visas. My parents are going to go to the extranjeros office this week and see if there is a way to just have a conversation about how that might take place. We are also emailing with missionary friends that recently got their residency reinstated after several years of living in the States. Hopefully someone will know how to point us in the right direction! Either way, we are feeling like these roadblocks are a sign from God to just focus on the other things on our preparation list and not focus on the visas as much right now. We’ve found that when nothing is working and we are making no progress, it’s often because our timing is not lining up with God’s timing.

We are also tossing around the idea of simply planning to stay in Spain for three months at a time, at least initially. It may be easier to pursue all of these residency issues while we are in country, so that is an option we might pursue. 3 months in Spain, 3 months elsewhere (Croatia? Romania? Scotland? Morocco?), then back to Spain, and then we’ll see. Praying for some clarity on what the best plan is.

School also included writing to our World Vision kids – our kiddo that shares a birthday with Declan recently moved out of the World Vision community, so we have a new kiddo we are sponsoring. The kids wrote letters and sent a picture of our family and a postcard of the Rockies.

At lunch, we spent quite a while discussing the importance of punctuation. I gave the kids the classic example of:

Let’s eat Grandma vs. Let’s eat, Grandma.

They thought it was super funny and realized for the first time why all those marks are actually important. We looked up a few more examples and also reviewed AWANA verses and filled the kids in on our plans for the fall. We’ve started the discussion of what we’ll bring with us and what we’ll be leaving behind/selling. No particulars, just talking about the idea that we’ll be selling most of our stuff when we leave.

While we were discussing visas and such with the kids, our conversation morphed into a discussion of different types of government and how they differ from royalty. This is one of the things I really love about homeschooling, these seemingly random questions that turn into super interesting discussions about how the world works!

Javi is still listening to his Harry Potter audiobooks non stop – I think it’s time to request the next one from the library! I went out for dinner with my girlfriends – it was great ending the day relaxing and catching up with sweet Colorado friends!

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