January 28, 2020

Keilana was very excited to get special time with Dad yesterday, and then again today with Mom. Our kids have a penchant for ripping holes in their pants on the regular, so a shopping trip was in order for new pants for KK.

We also did a video call with Nana and Papa, and the kids played Legos, forts, played War on their own, and the boys had an all day long game of beads and legos and whatever else they wanted to include.

Reading lessons for all three older kids today, and then Cassandra climbed on my lap and demanded “her turn” for reading. We also started reading Little House on the Prairie. We’ve already read In the Big Woods, which the kids loved, and had started Farmer Boy, which they were not interested in. This surprised me because it’s my favorite one – all of the food!!! But apparently Laura is connecting more with the kids. So we started that one, and pulled out our atlas to map out their trip so far.

We had a long discussion about baptism at dinner, and read about the Ethiopian eunuch. We saw more of Javi today since he has gone through the audiobook twice and he was ready to move a bit. Keilana made a nest in the loft and spent a good long while reading today.

Visa/Spain front: we got a helpful email from a missionary family in Spain regarding our visas, and discussed what it might look like if we just planned on three month stints in Spain and other countries. Potential candidate countries currently are Scotland, Morocco, Croatia and Romania.

Luke also interviewed with a software development company today. They have several positions that might be a good fit for him, so we will see what happens with that. They are an international company so that could be a great way to get some help on the visa front.

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