January 29, 2020

Everyone was feeling a little worn out and crabby today, so we did a relaxed and laid back day with a lot of self direction. Keilana worked on a costume that she has been creating for a while now, specifically the hat. The kids played with their Duplos a lot, and had a long quiet time. We usually let the kids sleep all together at night, and after a break around Christmas where we enforced everyone sleeping in their own beds, we had decided to let them go back to sleeping all together. However, the two older kids, especially Javi, have been extra tired since we reinstated that, so we may need to adjust again.

I took the day off of writing. I’ve been feeling a little pressed for time and worn down, so I deliberately planned a day of rest. I’m in a good groove with writing, but it fills up all the nooks and crannies of my day and I needed the break.

Lover and I spent a couple of hours talking about the website business and making sure we are on the same page as far as doing this business together. We also spent a long time talking about the future in general – what it looks like for our family, for our careers and for self employment. No answers, but it felt good to really get on the same page.

Luke took the kids for a walk to get some fresh air and switch up the mood a bit. Then we all headed over to friends for dinner and it was a lovely, relaxed evening. Those are the best kinds of evenings!

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