January 30, 2020

Everyone slept in this morning, so Lover and I enjoyed a rare bonus hour of quiet this morning. It was very needed! After breakfast and a few reminders that we do in fact have chores and responsibilities, everyone got into a good groove. Javi and Keilana did sit down work for a good part of the morning, and we all did more reading from Little House on the Prairie and some little kid books.

I worked on lots of MOPS work, and also met with contractors for an estimate to get our hardwood floors installed. I really liked these guys and they are affordable and so far, very reliable. Fingers crossed that we have hardwood floors in the next couple of months!

Lover continued to finalize his website and we launched our first ad campaign. This is very exciting and very nerve wracking! Lover also got our taxes mostly done for 2019 after working on them together for several hours yesterday as well.

We went for a long walk and took the kids to the play place in the mall. Everyone was a bit stir crazy today so the change in pace was very much needed. Keilana is now working on the costume for Cassandra, but apparently pipe cleaners are needed to complete the look. We took some time at dinner to review rules and expectations as things have been a little…disheveled lately. Hopefully going forward things will be better!

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