February 4th, 2020

MOPS was canceled due to the snow storm, so we had an unexpectedly quiet morning, which was greatly appreciated! We were able to work on cleaning, school and spend some extra time together today which was lots of fun.

Kiddos did a great job on their chores, and school today. Javi did a lot more algebra with Lover, and Keilana and Lover played the dice game. She’s really good at it! The kids played outside in the snow for a long time. Cassandra’s doing good on day 2 of pottytraining, and I got some writing done.

For Spanish practice today, the kids watched Toy Story 3 in Spanish. They said they understood some of it but not all, and Javi said he could read some of the subtitles but much more slowly.

Lots of reading today – Keilana read Are you My Mother? and I am NOT going to get up today to me during reading time. Javi did independent reading, and I read a couple chapters of Little House on the Prairie. I also read a couple more chapters of my book to Javi.

Day 2 of keto today – we are rotating 2 weeks of keto diet and 2 weeks of high fiber diet throughout the month. It was a hard day to stick with the menu plan – snow days always are! But I mostly succeeded.

In the evening, we watched Avengers: Civil War. Just a few more of our Marvel movies left! Hopefully we will finish them up before the 20th (when our subscription renews)!

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