February 5th, 2020

Today was a good day. This morning I woke up to an email from Shutterfly about a promotion they were running that FINALLY lit a fire under my butt to get Cassandra’s photo album finished. It took several hours but it’s finished and it feels great!

Lots of reading today, and the kids did math worksheets. I had to explain a new kind of problem to Javi, and Lover didn’t understand it at first, so I felt extremely smart. 🙂 Keilana finished her Arty costume today, and is still working on the Epiphany costume.

It was wacky tie night tonight, so each kiddo wore TWO ties to AWANA. Javi’s made him very hot and he couldn’t get them off until the end! Keilana finished her WingRunner book today, so now we have to figure out what she’s going to do the rest of the year!

Our schedule/new chore chart has been working really well. It’s been nice to be at home each day this week to really get a handle on our new routine. Tomorrow it should be warmer, so we’ll be heading out of the house! Of course the kids didn’t mind the cold and still played outside for quite a while today. Javi only played outside for a little bit, he’s not fond of the cold. One of the things we’ve been implementing is one on one reading time for each kid with mom. Cassandra prefers to talk to me instead. She doesn’t need books, and she doesn’t let me get a word in edgewise. Girl’s got a lot to say!

We are still corresponding with the consulate, trying to get an answer on how early we can apply for the visas. Also, I spent some time cold calling businesses today and set an appointment in Littleton for Friday! That’s super exciting!

No writing today, Wednesday seems to be a good day to take a break. Plus, I deleted 4,000 words last night because I hated the direction my book had taken. Hopefully tomorrow I can revisit it and try again.

Lover has been interviewing for a part time job, specifically a coding job. It would help him pad his resume with some actual, paid coding work, which would enable us long term to work remotely from anywhere.

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