February 6, 2020

After a rocky start this morning, our day smoothed out and ended up being another good day! Lover had a busy work day, so he was upstairs for most of the morning while we worked on chores, school and a fun craft. Chores took a long time because their rooms were really messy!

The kids did Explode the Code, and Keilana and I did a reading lesson. Both kids are starting to figure out long vowels and also harder verb tenses – past, future and gerunds. Once they figure this out, they’ll be much more advanced! Declan did some work in a preschool workbook, and all the other kids joined in!

We also started a craft – a fun leftover one from Christmas. Hopefully we’ll finish these up tomorrow or Saturday! Step one was painting the brushes, which then turned into a fun experiment on color blending and just playing with paint. Declan gave me a hug for “Hug mommy every day.” His own rule, that I am very fond of.

We’re trying to find a good keto bread recipe. We tried the first version of it, but it was a thumbs down. Second version results will be in tomorrow.

Quiet time was a bit of a fail today – not much quiet to be found! We’ll need to work more on that in the coming days. We also chatted with my parents and they gave us an update on visiting the Oficina de Extranjeros – the experts there gave the same answer we’re hearing from the Consulate, so that was encouraging.

We picked up the next Harry Potter book today, so we won’t be seeing much of Javi for the next few days! The three older kids went to Zumba class for the first time. They were a little apprehensive, but everyone had fun. Javi didn’t know this was a drop off class and that we were going to run an errand, so he was very scared. That was a miscommunication on our part! Keilana also did some handwriting work on her own this evening.

Keilana asked Lover to make her school lunches. She wants to be surprised when she goes to school in the morning! Javi made his own. We also sorted through lots of our papers/crafts/school art pieces and the kids kept their favorites. We got rid of almost a whole garbage bag! Woo hoo! I also managed to sneak in a little bit of writing today – and it was very fun!

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