February 7, 2020

Another snow day! It was a bit of a surprise to wake up to, and discover that school was canceled and all our other plans for the day as well! We cleaned in the morning, the kids watched a Spiderman movie, and the girls did wipe-off puzzles. I spent a long time reading to everyone, and Javi spent the majority of the day listening to his new Harry Potter book. We also finished our brush craft from yesterday.

I got a chance to call a friend and catch up with her, it was a really sweet conversation. I’m thankful for her friendship!

Both Lover and I went out and shoveled at different points today, since we have an Airbnb guest. Otherwise we would have left it till tomorrow! Keilana played outside for most of quiet time. She made a slide out of snow for Declan. The littles stayed in their rooms, but no one slept. Hopefully everyone will sleep in tomorrow! I made ginger molasses cookies, I can’t eat much of them because of our diet, but it still was fun to do. The kids also watched Lover play his phone games, which they love to do. Keilana made up a couple of games, so we played those after lunch. (Charades and a guessing game.)

In the evening we watched Thor Ragnarok. This one we have seen before and the kiddos were super excited to watch it again! We only have three more Marvel movies! Very exciting! I called to find out if I have to report for jury duty, which I do on Monday. This prompted a discussion on juries, lawyers and a general overview of our legal system. Then another question prompted us to pull out the atlas and figure out where each of our World Vision kids live in the world! Like every other day, the kiddos are eating us out of house and home!

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