February 10, 2020

I had to report for jury duty today, so it was an early and busy morning. The three younger kids all made sure they were awake to say goodbye to me and I was out the door by 7am. Apparently last week’s storm delayed a whole group of jurors, so there were 400 people in line for jury duty today. The security lines took forever and we barely fit in the jury assembly room! People were sitting on the floor and waiting out in the hall. But – ultimately I was assigned to the alternate group of jurors for a trial, and then was dismissed by noon. Hurray!

A friend took the kids out today for a couple of hours while I was gone. We are super thankful for great friends here who will help out when I’m not available! Miss Tori took the kids to McDonalds and then back to her house to play and watch TV. They had a great time and then had the happy surprise that I was home when they came back home.

Javi listened to Harry Potter during quiet time, Cassandra napped, and Keilana and Declan played mostly quietly downstairs. Lover handled school today – they did math worksheets and reading. After quiet time I read Keilana a little bit of Little House on the Prairie. We also snuggled and Lover took Declan out for special time. Declan got a donut!

Then this evening we hung out for a bit, I wrote for a while and we did dinner. We tried out another keto bread recipe – this one made from coconut flour. It was eh – we will try to incorporate it into a dessert at some point.

So that’s our day! We are super excited that we don’t have to juggle jury duty with the rest of our week. Tomorrow should be more normal!

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