February 25, 2020

Javi slept in a lot today, hurray! The kids played for a while this morning before breakfast, and then ate lots. Then we did our chores and school, and we did LOTS of school today. Declan did a workbook learning about opposites, Javi read independently, both bigs worked on handwriting and explode the code, and then did Silly sentences and dominoes.

We finished emptying out the big hutch in the living room so that we can sell it, and in the process discovered some fun school materials that the kids enjoyed exploring today. When we did Spanish videos the kids were super excited, and even asked to watch more after lunch.

Lunch was also Spanish – tortilla and salad, one of our favorite meals! We did forget to have our Spanish wine with it though. I sent a few more queries today, and got two more rejection responses. Looking forward to a positive response, or at least a response with some feedback sometime soon!

Lover took the kids to the library this afternoon, and they discussed lightning, electrical resistance and conductivity of different materials, and what happens as a result of electrical resistance. Lover bought them each one gummy worm at the grocery store, and they played a game of hide and seek at Walmart. While they were out, I went for a walk and did some writing, and just generally relaxed. It was much needed. The kids and Lover brought me home flowers, which definitely brightened this dreary winter day! We are ready for spring! The kids all collaborated to hide the flowers in my room as a surprise.

Cassandra was doing a little better today – she took another long nap and hopefully tomorrow will be fully recovered. And then we wrote our recap of the day.

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