February 26, 2020

We decided, at least for now, to have the kids not start their day with a show in the mornings. For a long time this has worked well – it gave us 30 minutes to get started on our day (dressed, makeup on, a few minutes to chat, etc) and took care of the “when can we watch a show?” questions all day. But now that the kids are a little bit older, they are starting to be able to sleep in, and having the allure of a show to watch first thing was getting them out of bed sooner than they needed to. So we are trialing just getting up and playing until breakfast. One of the mornings they decided to go outside first thing though, so we had to add an addendum – no going outside until Mom and Dad have come downstairs! 🙂

I met with Christa at church to prepare for our MOPS bake sale fundraiser. We are doing pre-orders of pies and breads, so we needed to make sure everything was ready for that. Our bake sale is a ton of work, but I have a wonderful team and it’s so worth in terms of how much we raise for our MOPS group for next year! Someone is generously donating all of the supplies for our pre-orders, which is going to make our sale that much more profitable. I’m excited!

We did a videochat with Luke’s parents and tried to catch them up on everything that’s happening around here. We also heard that our floors came in, and should be delivered tomorrow! That means that in about two or three weeks we are going to have hardwood floors all throughout the downstairs! Hurray!

Cassandra is still very sick, so we’ve been staying home and trying to help her feel better. So far no one else is showing signs of catching this super nasty virus. The kids did lots of school yesterday – after we rearranged the school stuff they seem to be really excited to know where everything is, and they’ve been enjoying doing some extra work. Javi is really close to finishing his 100 lessons reading book, which is really exciting! I’m looking for some really simple chapter books that will catch Keilana’s interest – I feel like she’s ready for that and just needs a little direction in that area. Declan is loving reading but is struggling with reading comprehension. He can read all of the words in his lessons, but can’t keep track of what they mean in a sentence. That will come in time, we just need to keep working on it.

We went for a long walk after lunch – taking advantage of a few nice days before the next storm. The weather has just been so yucky! The sunshine and fresh air felt really good. Kiddos went to AWANA and Keilana cashed in all her AWANA bucks from saying all her verses – she was so excited to pick out several of the BIG prizes with her $68 bucks. 🙂 It’s been a full week so far, but a good one!

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