February 27, 2020

Today Lover had to go into the office, so we were on our own! We had a good day, and Cassandra seems to finally be on the mend! The kids did a bunch of school – explode the code, handwriting, Declan finished his workbook, and they did some independent reading. They also watched a bunch of shows since that was what Cassandra was up for today.

Our floors arrived today – hurray! We’re on the schedule for next Monday the 9th and I am counting down the days! A friend brought us over some groceries and a surprise bouquet of flowers since we’ve been stuck at home all week with this yucky sickness.

Today finally warmed up a bit, so we played outside before quiet time, and then walked to Zumba class and back. It was so nice to be outside in the sunshine! We got to the rec center early, and had some time to watch the pickup games of basketball. Javi and KK even got in on the hoop shooting and Javi made several baskets! This was the last Zumba class for this block of time. The boys said they enjoyed it but do not want to continue. Keilana loved it and wants to continue!

The kids made their school lunches and took baths – all ready for school tomorrow! I got in lots of writing today, I am in a good groove and the story is really flowing! Hopefully we are on the road to healthy-ness, and we can stay healthy for more than a week! Keilana also spent most of the day with her new little doggie, Cutie. This toy is a hit!

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