February 28 – March 1, 2020

Friday- Bigs had school, and a performance for Black History Month where they sang a couple of spirituals. They did a great job! Littles and I went to a friend’s house to visit, and we booked our Airbnb for our upcoming trip to LA to see Dan and Cat! Friday afternoon we ran to Home Depot to get all of the molding and paint we need for the baseboards that will be going in two weeks from now. And, Keilana got a loose tooth! We also played a couple rounds of Dutch Blitz.

Saturday – We had planned to do some work, but instead, ended up escaping on an adventure! We drove mostly north towards Fort Collins, enjoyed the view of the mountains, stopped at an awesome store called Cheese Importers and had a picnic at a a park. At the park a family had brought a literal wagon load of puppies! We petted them and Cassandra even got to hold one. It was nice to be outside and relax and have good conversation on our drive. Then, when we got home, Cassandra’s photo book had come in the mail, so we checked that out, and then it was time for date night! Lover and I had a very nice time together and the kids enjoyed their evening with Ellie. They played Dutch Blitz the whole time!

Sunday – We had nursery in first service, then attended second service. Keilana learned about helping others, and Javi learned about Joseph and how he worked hard in the prison. Declan learned about Joseph ending up second in command. We had a relaxing quiet time and then watched Overcomer together. It was pretty good! The kids (except for Javi) enjoyed “running” in all of the running scenes. Quick dinner (Javi’s first meal of the day!) and State of the Kodankos, and then the weekend is a wrap!

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