March 2nd & 3rd, 2020

Monday and Tuesday were busy days! We had lots of cleaning to do on Monday, as well as preparations for MOPS and school and lots of other stuff. Javi wasn’t feeling great all day, and then in the afternoon he puked, so he took it easy the rest of the day. He’s doing awesome at reading – while Cassandra was in the bath, Javi read a Duck Tales book to me that was pretty challenging, but he hung in there and finished the whole book! We took turns reading pages which helped him a lot.

Keilana gave me a pretty little gift on Monday that she had made – she loves to make gifts for people! The boys have been doing a really great job cleaning their room lately, we’re super proud of them.

Declan and Lover went out for special time, we played a bunch of Dutch Blitz, and Keilana read the bedtime story.

First thing this morning we had someone come and purchase our big hutch in the living room – hurray! Javi wanted to sleep in, but the visitor woke everyone up. 🙂 We sold it for more than we bought it for, and we will get it out of the house before the floors go in. Perfect timing!

We are trying to get an appointment at the embassy but there is no availability in March. So we will probably wait until June and take another trip out to LA.

MOPS was busy but great, and then when we came home Lover had set up all the baseboards to get them ready to paint. So I dove right into that while littles did quiet time and Keilana helped me for a while. It was a beautiful day so everyone was feeling the urge to be outside in the sunshine. After lunch we did the second coat on the boards and then went for a long walk. Then I got the chance to write for an hour or so while Lover and the kids played games. Dinner and then bedtime, and thankfully Javi has been feeling a lot better today!

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