March 4, 2020

This morning we had oatmeal for breakfast, and Lover misunderstood Javi’s order – he got honey instead of PB&J! After breakfast we read a devotional from Jesus Calling and Javi read us the verses that are a part of the devo. We did two science experiments as well, one where we learned about inertia and torque. The second one we learned about a vacuum and negative pressure. Then the kids worked on chores and independent work while I went for a walk. Javi read more of the experiments to Lover and then also read several of the reading lessons to me when I came back.

Keilana did a really great job cleaning up her room today – the floor was so clean! Cassandra worked hard on putting away clean dishes and was a champ at potty training today. Declan helped Keilana clean her room and even made some money!

After chores and some school, we headed to the park with our scooters! We hit almost seventy degrees today! Declan shared his scooter with two little girls at the playground who were fascinated with it. They were super cute and friendly. Lover tethered his phone and made a hotspot, so he was able to come with us and enjoy the sunshine. Then we went over to “The big sandbox” (volleyball court) and the kids spent a long time playing really creatively in the sand. The kids invented a game and Javi was the ultimate champion. We did snack time at the park and talked about my book’s plot. I’m a little stuck in my fantasy series but I think we worked it out.

Javi was all better today, and no one else is sick! At home we had lunch and a really great discussion about why we know that Jesus was the creator within the Trinity. The big kids read several verses from John 1 and we also went to some other scriptures as well. Then we headed out for a couple of errands. We had four girls miss MOPS due to sickness, and everyone’s feeling a bit down and discouraged. So we picked up some candies, note cards and flowers to bring to them.

We got home just in time to grab AWANA books and vests and then Lover left with all the kids. The big three went to AWANA, and Cassandra had special time with Daddy. She got a treat, got to ride the horsey and they read books at the library. Keilana got a Reese’s peanut butter cup for her birthday (since they don’t meet over the summer). I stayed home and got a bunch of writing done, which was super fun and relaxing.

And that was our day!

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