March 9, 2020

FLOOR DAY!!! We were up bright and early to handle breakfast and pack up a lunch before the floor guys arrived. The kids slept in a bit because of the time change, and we tried to get our heads on straight. Time change is rough! The kids woke up once it got noisy, and then we hightailed it out of there as soon as we could.

We headed over to the Greenhaws for the day. So thankful for sweet friends who let us crash at their place all day while we need to be out of the house! Ashley and I had a wonderful time catching up and chatting, and the kids played and even did a little school. They were more interested in spending time with their friends than doing school, which I totally understand. Their backyard is a kid’s dream – big, full of toys and full of mud! 🙂 Declan got ridiculously muddy, and everyone else besides Javi needed a rinse off too.

We headed back home around 3 to pick up Lover, and then went to one of our favorite parks to kill a little more time until the floor guys finished for the day. Five o clock meant that we could head back home – and the guys got so much done today! The floors are looking fly, and they might even finish on Tuesday. Hurray!

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