March 10, 2020

Day 2 of floor installation! We didn’t get as early of a start today getting out the door, but it was fine to stay upstairs! The kids thought it was funny that we toasted and buttered our bagels in the bathroom today. 🙂

Once everyone was fed and dressed, we headed out for lots of errands. The kids were really great sports about all the shopping we did. We found new sneakers for Keilana’s bigger feet and she is very excited about the fact that they have shoelaces! We got some swimming stuff for the littles and some summer things for C.

While we were out Declan noticed a lady begging and asked about her. We had a really good conversation about generosity paired with stewardship and the kids were really interested. I told them lots of stories of my neighborhood growing up where my parents learned not to trust the story and instead always offer to deliver on the request. i.e. not giving money for food, but offering to drive them to the store and purchase the food instead.

At Home Depot we tried to find what we needed for our floors, but came up empty. We picked up a couple of other little miscellaneous things, and then headed to Target. All the stores were so empty today! We headed to a new park for lunch, and it ended up being a really cool place! There’s a big stream and we found a sandy flat spot to eat our lunch and look for shells! Javi enjoyed exploring while we ate lunch, and it was a really beautiful and relaxing spot. I think it will be even more magical once the leaves come back!

After that we headed for the discount movie theater for a matinee showing of Spies In Disguise. The kids enjoyed it, and I snuck in a little nap too! Time change and working late and busy days have me pretty wiped! After the movie we headed to Walmart for a few more supplies for the floors and then back home!

The guys were just finishing up as we got home, so we settled up with them, told them how happy we were with their work and promised rave reviews to all our friends! Then after they left we began the process of putting our house back together! I cleaned and cleaned and Lover started bringing in furniture. We’ll need to get more help from friends tomorrow to bring in the big stuff, but we got our kitchen back in working order, and some seating to eat meals and such. As an aside, our table is really really heavy!

After a yummy dinner that Lover made for us (but I successfully made the rice!) we headed back out to the library where we totally scored! We got the last two Harry Potter audiobooks for Javi, and I found all three books for YA sci-fi trilogy that someone recommended. While we were at the library, the kids jumped into storytime that was actually in Spanish! How fun!

We rushed the kids into bed once we got home and then crashed ourselves. It’s been a long, fun, exciting couple of days!

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