March 11, 2020

Wednesday we woke up to lovely floors and spiffy moldings! Hurray! It was so nice to have the guys finish ahead of schedule. It gave us a couple of days to work on getting the house reset. We’re rearranging some furniture, and it took a surprisingly long time to get all of the furniture feet felted up and back on our floors. A very good friend came over in the morning to help move the heavy stuff – thanks Brian!

We are getting things sorted out little by little. We sold the hutch, so we have to find new homes for all the stuff that was in there, and we are also getting rid of the desk and desktop computer and monitor. So, everything is getting shuffled a bit, which makes life require a bit more thought.

The kids did some schoolwork today, but mostly wanted to play outside, slide around on the new floors, and get settled back in. Keilana joined me on my bed for a while to catch up on our devotional – she loves reading the verses that accompany each day’s devo, and she really enjoyed having special time with just me.

Over lunch, as Javi tried to refill his glass and it spilled everywhere, we discussed water adhesion. It’s amazing how much science is just a part of every day life!

My sister in law called and we got to talk for quite a while – such a rare treat! We caught up on life, discussed the crazy state of the world, and chatted about the kids. Then later in the afternoon we talked to Luke’s parents as well. They are doing well and laughing at our inability to settle down anywhere.

Kiddos went to AWANA in the evening, and Cassandra enjoyed having our dedicated attention. Both Lover and I were pretty wiped out by the evening, so we just all relaxed together.

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