March 12, 2020

Apparently I needed a mental health day today! I spent the morning reading a book from the trilogy I picked up at the library, in between managing chores and school for the kids and baths and such. The bigs have really been enjoying Explode the Code, and are nearly done with their workbooks. Soon I’ll have to order the next level! It’s really been helping them figure out some of the trickier phonics in the English language.

The weather turned a bit colder today, so the kids played outside a little and then we put a movie on for quiet time. We continued to work on setting the house back up, and Lover has made multiple trips to Home Depot to get our toilet in the powder room working again. The hose was too short with the higher floors, and apparently the connector is a bit unique. I worked on more cleaning, and putting things back away, and catching up on laundry. The clothes sitch was getting dire!

Lots of events are getting canceled because of Coronavirus, including the fun St Patrick’s Day event we were supposed to attend on Saturday with friends. Boo! So a good portion of the day was spent communicating with people and coming up with alternate plans. We are still watching the news to determine if MOPS will be canceled next Tuesday – we will see. By the end of the day, they announced that all schools in the area are either moving up their spring break or extending it, so all schools will be closed for at least two weeks. This is going to impact a lot of people! Cancellations for our Airbnb rolled in all day, and some people are getting refunds and some are not. Airbnb’s policies keep being updated as the week goes on, so for now we’re letting them make the calls and not getting involved.

Kiddos spent lots of time coloring today, especially Keilana and Cassandra. Declan made a Christmas tree drawing and decorated it really nicely.

Lover took the van in first thing to get some work done before our trip next week. We are trying to keep our van limping along until September, it’s been a trusty rust bucket for the last five years and we just need it to last a little longer! He also met a friend for lunch. Over our lunch, the kids asked about food retaining heat, and Lover gave them a lesson on convection vs conduction and how that applies to the food in front of them. Then in the afternoon, when the work on the van was finished, we all walked down to the shop to pick it up. Then we headed out to run a couple of errands – and man were the stores crazy! Tons of people were shopping, filling their carts with everything, especially toilet paper! Stores were out of lots of things, so we had to get creative with our plans for the lunch we are hosting for friends on Saturday.

Sam’s club meat section was absolutely empty! It was so crazy. I’ll admit we picked up a couple of extra bags of rice and lentils, but in our defense, we eat those weekly! Saturday is pie day, so we are planning on making key lime pie, possibly an apple pie, and having pizza pie for dinner! 🙂 We got home after bedtime, so we fed the kids quickly and got them into bed as soon as we could, since they still had school. They’re one of the only schools in the area still meeting, but since they are a small school (less than 150 kids) and only meet once a week, the administration felt like it was still okay. We are on break next week anyways, and we’re waiting to hear if they’ll have school on the 27th. Crazy times! We also got more Airbnb cancellations today, but ended up getting a new booking for this weekend, so, who knows? Thankfully, we know that we are not given a spirit of fear, but of power and love and a sound mind.

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