March 13, 2020

Well, we successfully survived Friday the 13th AND a full moon in the same week! Big kiddos went to school today, probably their last school day for a while, and the littles hung out with us at home. Some fun things from today; we ordered a new DSLR for me, Lover’s new phone arrived, and I finished two more short novels! It was a relaxing morning. I’m selling my two old DSLRs and condensing all of my photography equipment down to just my favorites before our move. Lover has toughed it out with a broken phone for a few months, but I finally convinced him to let me buy him a Pixel 2 like I have. I’ve had mine for about a year now and it’s a great phone! We wanted to be twinsies. 🙂

Littles took baths this morning and Declan read to me. He’s doing so well and remembering all of his sounds and everything! It’s fun to see how naturally this all comes to him. I read to Cassandra at quiet time, she’s doing a little better at listening to the story and not just talking the whole time. 🙂

I did a boatload of laundry – like I think it literally would have filled a small boat! And now we are all set for clean clothes. We chatted with Dan and Cat today about the state of things in CA – praying for wisdom about whether or not we should keep our vacation plans for next week in LA. Happy to say they are doing well, and we are going to keep praying for another day or two.

Once the kids got home, (Keilana didn’t bring any new projects home from school) it was playtime central! They immediately dove into the duplos and the kinetic sand, and played really well together for several hours! Lover and I dealt with rescheduled plans, talked about upcoming plans and relaxed while the kids played. Javi showed me his sunflowers that he made in art class, they are really cool! I was very impressed.

We worked a little more to get the house back in shape, and I feel like it’s getting really close! Eventually it started getting late and it was time to clean up and have dinner before bed.

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