March 16, 2020

Happy Monday! Everything is cancelled, haha. I went for a walk today and the streets were empty, the schools were closed and the skies are clear. Two or three planes flew overhead while I was out, and it was startling how noticeable they were as everything was so quiet!

We video chatted with my parents today and got caught up on all the happenings of the last few weeks. It was nice to talk to them, and the kids were really excited to talk to them which is always nice. They are safe and well, but already starting to feel stir crazy. We talked a little bit about plans for our move to Spain, and where we want to live, etc. There’s a possibility we could find a place in their building, which would be really fun and convenient!

The kids did math worksheets, explode the code and chores, and Keilana and I read Jesus Calling. She’s really enjoying doing that devotional with me, and she loves looking up the verses and doing those readings. It’s great practice for her too! The kids have been full of why? questions lately, and one that came up yesterday was how the fire fighters get water to the houses on fire. That also prompted a question about wastewater and how it’s cleaned, so tomorrow I’m planning on looking up a few videos on that for them.

Everybody played with play doh for a long time – I love when all four of them get really into their playtime together. When they finally finished, everyone cleaned up and had snack time. Lover slipped out for lunch with his co workers, and they discussed a business opportunity. We’ll see what comes of it!

After lunch I started fielding lots of questions about MOPS the next day. The guidelines were changing again, and I reached out to all of the MOPS girls individually to get an idea of how many people were planning to come. But, by the end of the business day they had updated the guidelines to instruct people to not gather in groups larger than 10 people. So, that meant MOPS was canceled! I was really disappointed to have to cancel, but it seemed like the right thing to do. We’re hoping to do a FB Live meeting tomorrow to still connect with our ladies.

I’m glad we decided to cancel our LA trip, as today they also issued a “shelter in place” mandate for California. So we would have traveled all that way just to be stuck in our Airbnb. I got a little more writing done during quiet time, and then we started haircuts. Cassandra, Declan and Keilana got haircuts, and Lover and Javi will get them some other day this week.

Then we bundled everyone up and headed to our friends’ house for dinner. The kids had a blast playing with new toys, and it was nice to visit for a while with friends. I’m praying that we don’t go into lockdown mode so that we can still freely visit with friends as we feel it is wise. That will help keep us sane during these crazy times! The kids are struggling with disappointment over our many canceled plans, and we talked to them today about how little changes for us – Lover always works from home, we home school, we spend a lot of our days just the 6 of us together already. So it’s really just our activities and extracurriculars, which of course we miss, but thankfully we are not trying to figure out a new routine and way of life in the middle of everything else like so many others are doing!

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