March 17, 2020


We did nothing to celebrate St Patricks Day today, unless you count playing with kinetic sand all day! The kids were on a tear today, playing with legos, kinetic sand and outside for hours. I think they are soaking up all of the sunshine and peacefulness outdoors! Keilana drew an elaborate spring picture on our whiteboard. Cassandra drew an elaborate picture on our recliner! She got in trouble for that, and I put my googling skills to work figuring out how to get marker off of fabric. It’s 80% better, which is fine for the state that chair is in anyways.

Because we had to cancel MOPS, our speaker recorded a video and posted it to our FB group. It was a great message on being strong and courageous! I got in lots and lots of writing today – I had been stuck on my fantasy novel for the last couple of weeks, but figured out the problem over the weekend and spent a day and a half correcting the problem. Then it’s all been flowing smoothly since then, so I’ve been writing every chance I get!

COVID-19 news – there are talks of layoffs and Denver restaurants are shutting down for the next 30 days. Only takeout/drive thru is allowed. We started our day checking in with our family in Spain, and teasing each other about who is the favorite. 🙂 Our neighborhood is still very quiet, but people were out all throughout the day taking walks, including us! I’ve never seen so many people walking around in our neighborhood. We took a long walk after lunch, and the kids got lots of energy out with their scooters. And then Lover took a long nap!

During quiet time, the kids built a fort, and then read their “weird but true US facts” book to each other. They also listened to Papa songs and more Harry Potter today. I finished up the laundry, did some cleaning and phoned a friend. It was nice chatting and keeping our sanity levels intact!

Today was the 17th, which has always been a special day for Lover and I. We celebrated today with food – the best way! Lover made a killer tortilla this morning and I devoured it. I would post a picture, but I forgot to take one, and then I ate it all! For our big meal, we got takeout from our favorite gyro place, and served it with tater tots and a glass of wine. It was an AWESOME day. 🙂

The kids did their Spanish videos today -they love the songs and get really amped up singing them. Cassandra did a great job with potty training today – she doesn’t want us to run out of diapers, so she stayed in undies all day! Keilana created some algebra problems with a little bit of help today, super fun.

When it was time to clean up, the kids did a really good job cleaning up quickly, even using the broom to clean out underneath the couch. Keilana also worked on her “Passport”, filling it with aspirational countries she’d like to visit some day.

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