March 18, 2020

Another sunny day, which is great because snow is in the forecast tomorrow! The kids all slept in again, which we were super thankful for since C was up several times last night. While the kids ate breakfast, I cut Lover’s hair and then Javi’s. Javi has that it takes forever to cut, but he is a really patient boy.

After we finished breakfast, we talked to Nana and Papa on video for a while. I had forgotten that was on the schedule and so we moved up the video and pushed back our park play date to have some time to chat. We got caught up and the kids visited for a few minutes too!

Then we loaded up our scooters and headed to Rocky Ridge park. We love that park because it’s big and quiet and has lots to interest kids of all ages, including a great climbing tree! We met up with the Johnsons and Erin and I enjoyed talking while the kids all played. There were several other moms there, and they joined in our conversation throughout the morning. Everyone is feeling the effects of the isolation!

We headed home for snack and quiet time, and I read (a fun YA space fantasy) and Lover went for a walk. The kids played and read books, and Javi continued listening to Harry Potter. Cassandra was supposed to take a nap but she ended up playing the whole time. Oh well!

We made mini pizzas for lunch – Keilana made hers with a pretty crust, Javi loaded his with lots of pepperoni, and make it look like a UFO, Declan made a cheese pizza, and Cassandra got lots of help with hers. We used a rolling pin, a sauce jar, and a rolling pin to roll out the dough! They all came out really yummy!

Declan played with kinetic sand, the kids all played with my legos from when I was a kid, and of course lots of Duplo time! Then Lover took Javi out for special time and grocery shopping, and the other kids watched their Spanish videos. Keilana spent her tablet time texting people, with lots of emojis!

Then Lover and Javi came home with lots of groceries, and we got the house cleaned up. Then recap, dinner, Bible Project video and bedtime!

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