March 30, 2020

(Day 5): Today was the first day I woke up and things felt relatively normal! Having the shelter in place order go into effect was a relief of sorts – it’s no longer looming over us. Now we just start figuring out how to do life like this. We got the kids their breakfast and did lots of cleaning and chores to get back on track from the weekend. The bigs did their math worksheets, I bathed the little kids, and cleaned our bedroom really well. I’ve loved really digging into every room and getting things sorted during these quiet at home weeks. Now that the weather is consistently getting better, we can work on the yards and garage!

The girls and I painted our nails, and then Keilana and I made a long domino and Jenga track. It took us several tries, we kept knocking over the dominoes as we set them up! We finally got every piece in place and then very much enjoyed crashing them all down! It was gloriously noisy! We worked on the weekend recap, did our devotions and enjoyed a snack that our neighbor dropped off – she is still blessing us with lots of goodies!

I called my grandma and chatted with her, she’s having more health issues so I wanted to touch base with her and see how she’s doing. She’s hanging in there! We are praying for healing and comfort for her! We also did a video call with my parents and enjoyed laughing together about some of the challenges of being stuck all together for weeks on end! The kids kept listening to the Isaac Newton book while the littles had quiet time.

Our New Life Kidz team dropped off a care package for our kiddos – our very own Easter eggs so we could do our own hunt this weekend, some fun crafts and an Easter devotional. Our Easter egg hunt at church is one on the highlights of our year, so this was such a special way to keep the tradition alive! We are so thankful for them! Also, please observe Declan’s mostly normal face in this photo!

My daffodils are blooming! I’m super excited to see all the blooms this year. A ray of hope! Lover took the kids for a long walk to the high school track, and I stayed back to work on my book. I was really pushing to get it finished today! The kids had a great time climbing and running and getting energy out.

Then Lover took Cassandra out for special time- they went to Sam’s and found flour and rice, so we are all stocked up now! Hurray! Although if Terry keeps bringing us food, we won’t ever need to cook again! I let the kids watch shows and I kept working on my book. I actually totally lost track of time, and when I finally finished, I realized it was after seven o’ clock! We gave the kids some dinner and then put them to bed. Lover and I talked through a few more parts of my edit, and then we got it all formatted and sent to everyone. Super exciting! Hopefully they all enjoy it! 🙂 It feels great to have that accomplishment!

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