March 28 & 29, 2020

Saturday: (Day 3) We are trying to do a few things to distinguish our weekends from our weeks. On Saturdays the kids get their own breakfast of cereal, and get to watch shows for a while in the morning while we stay in bed! It’s especially nice right now while we don’t have date night!

Lover made a yummy breakfast and the bigs began work on a book report. We introduced the idea and explained the necessary components, and then got them started. They’re going to need lots of help, but it’s a good start on a practical skill.

Yesterday was my little brother’s birthday, so we did a group video chat with most of my family. We struggled a bit to find things to talk about since we are all mandated to stay at home, and our days aren’t changing much! But it was still nice to see everyone’s faces.

Then we loaded up and went for a LOOONG walk. Long walks have been really nice and we’ve really been enjoying all the fresh air and sunshine, and wearing out the kids! We stopped for a snack, the kids climbed anything they could, and we talked a little too. There weren’t as many people out today, and everybody is keeping their distance. Keilana practiced her Spanish quite a bit on our walk – she really wants to be able to converse in Spanish so we are doing our best to help her!

We did a little bit of quiet time once we got home, and then just as we were getting ready for dinner, our neighbor brought us dinner again! She is so sweet. We ate dinner and then cleaned up the house, washed the floors and just generally got ready for Sabbath. I sent some pictures of our new floors to friends of ours that have helpedus a ton with our house.

The kids watched a few episodes of Superbook while we chatted with our Airbnb guest – she’s going to switch to more of a roommate situation for the next couple of weeks while she’s trying to find a job and look for a permanent place to live!

After we got the kids in bed, Lover ran out to get us some dessert from the grocery store. Yummy pastries! He made it to the store just in time – we forgot about the shortened hours that the grocery stores have now! We tried out a couple of movies and finally settled on a silly comedy. Comedies have been the perfect end to our days lately! I wish they would bring back Friends on Netflix, this would be the perfect time to re-watch those! My stateside brothers and I spent a while texting in the evening, mostly just reminiscing about the house we grew up in.

Constructing ramps from Jenga blocks during breakfast.

Sunday (Day 4): We started our day with our church’s livestream service, which we all watched on the couch. We are starting a new sermon series called In Times Like These. The kids sang with us and then colored during the message. Keilana wrote a song. Javi redrew his picture of a fish that Cassandra colored all over.

A friend dropped off toilet paper (hurray!) and games for the kids (double hurray!) and so we played Cranium Hullabaloo for a while. It’s a fun moving around, silly game. Javi and Lover played the economy game, and Javi won this time, everyone else played outside. I worked a bunch more on the edit of my book, I’m almost finished!

At 2pm, we did a video call with our life group! It was the first time for some of our group. It was nice to see everyone’s faces, and we spent some time talking about the ways we’ve seen God’s kindness in all of this.

We had lunch (outside!) and played outside for a while. Then we loaded up in our van and went for a drive. We didn’t stop anywhere, just drove and got a change of scenery. Lover and I worked on our plot line for my book, which is always fun!

Amazing chalk art by our friends’ daughter at their house!
Cassandra can sign I Love You now!

We dropped off our old desktop computer that we don’t need anymore to friends – they have to homeschool seven kids now! So they definitely needed our computer. 🙂 We had dinner and cleaned up a little, and then watched Judges AND Ruth from the Bible Project. Kiddos had trouble staying in their beds, but eventually they fell asleep. Lover and I watched a movie – no need for State of the Kodankos, since every day is the same! 🙂 And that was our day.

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