March 27, 2020

(Day 2) We started out our day with an amazing breakfast quiche courtesy of Lover. Delicious! There was only one little piece left when we were done! After chores (we don’t have many on Friday since that’s when the kids used to be in school, gonna have to change that!) we worked on a drawing tutorial from Serious Creatures – we learned about drawing sharks! The littles joined us in the beginning but then wandered off after a few minutes. Keilana and Javi were really interested though!

The kids played outside for a while today, even though it was chilly. I waited until about noon and went for a walk. This time I brought my phone and listened to worship music while I walked, since I’ve been struggling with feeling anxious when I go for my walks – which is exactly the opposite of what I want my walks to be! Newsboys’ “We Believe” really spoke to me; the lyrics go, “In this time of desperation, when all we know is doubt and fear… we believe in God the Father, we believe in Jesus Christ, we believe in the Holy Spirit, and he’s given us new life!” It was so encouraging!

I started a book that’s been on my hold list for a while, recommended by a friend. We did a video with Ben and Eva for Ben’s birthday, they were up on their terraza getting a little exercise and fresh air! I kept working today on my edits for my first book, Storyteller. I just need to finish that up so that I can share it!

We got the news that my grandma is really sick, and later in the day also found out that a close friend’s aunt died unexpectedly. Also, a friend is moving out of state, and we aren’t able to say goodbye, due to shelter in place. It was a really rough day emotionally! I spent some time outside while Lover was with the kids, just sitting in our swing and praying for strength and grace for life these days. When I came inside, our neighbor a few doors down had dropped off a huge grocery bag of food for us! She had delivered pasta and sauce, a hot dinner, a huge bag of oatmeal, candy for the kids, a big thing of granola… I cried buckets! It was just so encouraging and soothing to my soul. I had reached out to her earlier in the day to see if she was okay, since she’s pretty isolated most days. And instead of being a help to her, she blessed us! God is so kind!

Lover invented an economy game to play with the kids. They start with 10 energy credits, and it can be traded for play or work. They had to pay for a house, and bills, and if they don’t have enough money, they go into debt. If you have extra money, you can pay down debt, or invest the leftovers. The person who gets the most fun is the winner, and Javi and Lover tied the first time!

Then we made cookies – our favorite ginger molasses cookies. I think baking cookies will become a weekend kickoff tradition for however long we are in this! We discovered that the cookies are REALLY good dipped in our tea the next morning! We didn’t end up baking very many cookies, since the kiddos ate a LOT of the batter. 🙂

We watched the Bible Project video on Joshua, and then headed to bed. Lover and I watched Ghosts of Girlfriends Past. It was pretty funny! Good way to end our long, emotional day!

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