March 26, 2020

Day 1 of Shelter In Place! It’s such a strange feeling how quiet and slow everything is right now. No rushing traffic if we open our windows, only a few cars. That said, there are more people than ever walking around our neighborhood! While practicing social distancing, of course. 🙂

Lover and I joked today that we are going to go full Handmaid’s Tale and start arranging grocery shopping dates – set up a time with a friend and talk to them through the aisles – wouldn’t that be funny?

We spent the morning on breakfast – the kids were super hungry-, getting the house cleaned up, and working on the loft. The kids and I organized all of the supplies, and went through all of their art on the art wall. We only put back up a couple of our favorites, all the rest got saved in their special bins, or went in the trash!

Then Lover got “blown up” at work, which means that for three hours he’s not allowed to be online or answer emails or do any work. So – we finished up chores and got everyone dressed and headed out for a long walk! We have a long trail system/bike path a block from our house, so we took that and walked down to the big intersection nearby. There’s an underpass with a little waterway where we stopped to let the kids play for a bit. They found a few little balls and kept themselves occupied for quite a while. I love how our kids can play anywhere and with anything! They did end up losing one of the balls, but it was still a fun playtime.

After that we finished our walk to the Little Caesar’s at the corner and got a pizza and cheesy bread. The girl thanked us for our business! We gobbled those down and then walked back home – a beautiful way to spend a couple of hours. The kids played some more outside when we got home, and then it was quiet time. Cassandra took a nap, and the big kids started an audiobook on Isaac Newton. They listened to that and then did tablet time while I worked on edits for my book.

The kids all came to my rescue right before lunch! They all swooped in and tackled Lover and kept him down long enough for me to escape. It was super fun. After lunch, Lover headed to the grocery store to hopefully find some eggs while the big kids did their math work for the day, and Cassandra watched Daniel Tiger. Lover brought me home flowers – alstromerias that last forever! They’re beautiful. They’re holding me over until my bulbs flower outside! Counting down the days until then!

We checked out an episode of Restaurants on the Edge last night. It was based in Malta, which did nothing to satisfy our travel bug! Now we just have another place added to our bucket list! 🙂

We watched the Deuteronomy video tonight, it’s been so interesting to see the breakdown of the structure of each of the books! We’ve now finished the Pentateuch, and it’s on to the historical books! Lover and I tried out a new show last night called the Protector – it’s dubbed but pretty interesting although there’s quite a bit of language. We headed to bed early – our days have been pretty tiring lately!

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