March 25, 2020

I learned a new phrase today; “Cancel Culture”. As in, EVERYTHING IS CANCELED! Lover’s suggestion, which I love, is to cancel coronavirus. Today we got official confirmation that our shelter in place mandate begins tomorrow at 8am. So, at 7:30am I will be dancing in the streets with all my closest friends!

Not really, obviously. But! On to better news. Today was another beautiful day. We did our chores and sit down school work, and I cleaned the kids bathroom. Yuck! But, it was clean for a whole 3.5 seconds, so I was really proud of that. I did some more editing today and then took a break and rewarded myself with writing in book two! I’ve been writing some really cool scenes lately – so fun!

Keilana crowned me Queen right before lunch today, so we ate outside like the royalty that we are. Lover was the King and Declan was the Royal Soldier. The other prince and princess slept through lunch today.

I tried to order some sidewalk chalk on Amazon today, but – EVERYTHING IS CANCELED! Including delivery of things like sidewalk chalk that is backordered until the end of April. Blech! We picked up some at the Dollar Store instead. That bought us a whole 45 minutes of activity, so we should be all set for quarantine.

We all did a video chat with Lover’s parents today. You can tell we are all friend deprived, because half of the kids actually hung around and talked! They’re doing well – Lover’s dad still has to work as he is considered an essential service.

We headed to a park after Lover finished work, only to discover that EVERYTHING IS CANCELED! Including playgrounds! Cassandra’s face reflects how we all felt. The kids actually cried. Keilana sobbed, “They even canceled the playground!.” We will have to get creative about our outside time going forward! We also got called out at the playground as “idiots” and “part of the problem” and “Stop the spread!” by people who were also outside, at the park, with their children. So that was fun.

So, it wasn’t the greatest of days. But – Day 1 of official quarantine starts tomorrow, so that should be fun. We did our devotional over dinner and watched Numbers from the Bible Project. The kids’ memory for Bible stories is amazing! Love learning all together like this. We have 62 books to go. LUCKILY, we don’t have a lot else going on right now!

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