March 24, 2020

We chatted with our neighbor a bit this evening. He is really enjoying the slower pace of life and the extra time with his kids, which was really heartwarming to hear. I’ve been bummed about Easter services possibly being canceled, and today I realized that whenever we are allowed to congregate again, it will feel like Easter! Definitely a celebration for sure.

This morning I got a bunch of cleaning done, including floors and bathrooms. Bathrooms are my least favorite thing to clean! Blech! Kids did chores and schoolwork – Keilana read me an entire book and did a fabulous job. The kids played outside for most of the morning, it was a really beautiful day. There are talks of a shelter in place order going into effect tomorrow for Aurora, and that just makes me all the more grateful for our yard!

Javi did his assessment for the last part of Part 1 of his math curriculum. He passed with flying colors! He needs to start focusing on multiplication and division so that he can advance in his math skills.

Cassandra has been firmly against pants lately, actually, any kind of clothes. We compromise on undies and usually manage a shirt too, and we insist on pants if we leave the house. Hey, you gotta pick your battles, right? Especially with a cooped up 2 yr old.

Keilana and Lover went on a walk today for their special time. I walked in the morning, and it was a perfect walking day! Everybody’s moods were improved today, although the boys were at each other’s throats still . We may need to get creative about time apart tomorrow if that continues.

I worked on the edits for my book today for a long time. I’m trying to finish that all up so that my family who are in lockdown can read it! It’s going well and I’m about half way through with that work. While I wrote, Lover made up a simple game to learn about the economy; goods, currency, books, services, etc. They had a blast and actually retained a lot!

We’ve really been enjoying The Bible Project for our devotional time in the evenings. The illustrations are so awesome and we are learning lots! Trying to figure out an efficient way to print them out, since I think the kids would really enjoy studying them.

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