March 23, 2020

We did a video chat with my parents this morning after chores and schoolwork was done. It’s nice to have so much time available to talk to them, and my dad is always there too which is a rare treat!

Temperatures are rising, and that means the snow is melting and the yard is muddy! The kids had a blast playing outside even though it was still a little chilly. They came in coated in mud, so everyone needed a bath. Obviously, they figured the best way to accomplish this was to do one bath simultaneously! They did a huge bubble bath and had a fantastic time.

We’ve added in a bit more school work since we have more time on our hands. The older kids are doing lots of reading, and handwriting practice, etc. We’re still working on our AWANA verses. Once we get the verses memorized we can send videos or call their leaders to have them pass their sections.

The kids are loving their Spanish song videos lately. They are retaining more and more of the vocabulary, which is exciting since our move date is getting closer! We’re trying to increases our conversational Spanish too, but I am really bad at sticking with that!

After lunch we headed to a park. We were literally the only ones there for about two hours. We walked a bit, played on the playground, climbed trees and just generally got some space from one another. Much needed!

I’d like to say that we are skating through all of this without any problems, but that would be dishonest. Today was the first day that I noticed we were all struggling quite a bit. We stuck with the routine, made sure to get some sleep and trusted that tomorrow will be a better day! In the evening after the kids went to bed, we watched a replay of a Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood special request show. It was comforting and relaxing, and a few tears might have been shed. Country music makes me feel so relaxed and like some things will never change!

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