March 21 & 22, 2020

On Saturdays the kids get up on their own and watch shows, breakfast is cereal. They are getting better and better at this, and it’s so nice to get that little break on the weekend! Especially since we’re not sure when we’ll be able to have date night again, we are soaking up any extra couple time!

We tried out Netflix Party with my family; four different time zones and two different countries made it quite the feat! We watched Richie Rich – a favorite in our house growing up. It was fun to rewatch it, share it with the kids, and chat with my family while we watched it. Most likely we will be able to watch something else again next week, since three out of the four locations are now under lockdown/shelter in place!

We made cookies and popcorn for the movie, and the kids helped. Cassandra is never happier than when she is perched pants-less on the counter licking a bowl! My newest little niece turned 1 month old this weekend, can’t wait to meet this cutie pie and squish those little cheeks!

On Sunday we watched our church service via livestream. We are so thankful for the effort our church is putting into keeping us all connected, even if it looks different than usual. We did miss our regular church get together though, and we are looking forward to being back together soon!

Then in the afternoon we headed to life group. Sticking to the current guidelines meant that we met in three different houses, with two sitters so that there were no groups larger than 10 people. I’m hoping that they will revise the guidelines soon to reflect that family is a single group, and therefore get togethers with friends who are willing will be easier. All in all we enjoyed our time together and we’re looking forward to the next time we can be together. And that’s our weekend!

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