March 20, 2020

Guess what we DIDN’T do today? We didn’t go to school, we didn’t stroll through the mall window shopping, and we didn’t sink our toes into the sand of the beaches of the Pacific. BUT! Everything is A-okay. 🙂

Kiddos did a little sit down work to help with the cabin fever from our latest snow storm. Keilana ran out to play in the snow right after breakfast, and stayed outside for a long time. She chatted with our neighbor, who was kind enough to snow blow our driveway, helped him walk his dogs, and just generally charmed the neighborhood.

We worked on the molding around the downstairs doors today, in between a bunch of other things. They still need a little bit of caulk and touch up paint, but they look SOOO good. We are really turning a corner here at the house, the list of projects completed is starting to be longer than the list of to-be-done!

Preparations for Spain are kind of on hold, with everything that’s going on. But we did confirm that there’s little chance at this point that Luke will lose his job or be asked to take unpaid time off. So that’s a relief. Lover made “Killer breakfast” which is basically just the yummiest breakfast ever.

Cassandra asked to video with Yaya, so we called her and chatted for a good long while. C was very insistent that SHE be allowed to talk, so we made sure to give her time to do that. That has been such a positive part of all of this, that we are able to connect more with family and friends since everyone’s schedules are wide open!

I practiced guitar for a while – I’ve been working on some hymns and other worship songs right now. Some I do a decent job at, and some are really hard! But it’s fun to do.

After lunch, we had friends over (just four!) and played games while the kids went absolutely bananas. Everyone has lots of energy to spare, so we let the kids burn off as much as they could. We don’t have any Airbnb people right now (or for the forseeable future) so they could be as loud as they wanted. Hurray! We played a new game called Blockbuster and it was really fun!

Throughout the day we texted in our family Whatsapp thread, trying to set up a time to do a Netflix Party tomorrow. Hopefully it will all go smoothly and we will have a wonderful time! After friends left, we did yet another video call with our life group co-leader to talk about how we’re handling things for the foreseeable future. It’s a tricky and fascinating subject!

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