April 2, 2020

(Day 8) We are a week into Shelter In Place! Somehow that doesn’t seem like a very fun milestone to have passed. 🙂 I’ve enjoyed the chance to catch up with people that we haven’t been in touch with, or just people that we love. I wish it could be in person, but I’m thankful for technology!

I read a book this morning while the kids watched cartoons. Then we did chores and school work, and I ordered some new workbooks for the kids. We are flying through them right now! The kids participated in a music class on Facebook Live, which they really enjoyed. I decided that now was finally the time (can’t procrastinate any longer) to clean out the fridge, so I spent a while this morning working on that. I was going to fully unleash my OCD tendencies and alphabetize the fridge contents, but ultimately decided to reign in the crazy just a little bit.

Look at those beautiful hardwood floors! I love them!

Keilana made our snack today – ants on a log. Javi doesn’t like celery, so he had ants on a spoon. 🙂 I called my brother Dan in California and chatted with him and gave the littles baths.

After quiet time, in which Cassandra was not quiet at all, Keilana and I started working through some of her music assignments from their Friday school. We’ve gotten inundated with remote school assignments, and we will need to start working on those little by little. Something else to adjust to! We had fun watching some of the music videos her teacher sent along.

After quiet time and lunch we made chocolate chip cookie bars, and then watched Beethoven! The kids thought the movie was really funny, and I didn’t realize how many big name actors were in that movie! Stanley Tucci! Olivert Platt! Patricia Heaton! David Duchovny! Bonnie Hunt! So crazy. 🙂 We munched on our cookies, watched the movie and I chatted with some of the girls from MOPS. I am trying to touch base with each of them and see how everybody is doing!

After the movie we bundled up as best we could and headed out for a walk. It was 23 degrees out! Super cold, and not the most pleasant, but it still felt good to breathe some different air and let the kids run for a bit.

After we got the kids in bed, I did a yoga video while we watched a movie, and then hit the hay early. It’s exhausting being stuck at home! 🙂

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