April 3, 2020

(Day 9) We made it through another week! Things to celebrate; Cassandra is doing great at potty training. Our neighbor continues to bless us with more food than we can keep up with. I am enjoying reconnecting with lots of people who find themselves with time on their hands!

We had a fun craft planned today. Our kids ministry at church dropped off supplies to make palm branches at home, and we painted them in the morning. Then later in the evening, after everything dried, we cut out the leaves and taped them to straws and recorded a video of the kids singing Hosanna!

And look! My flowers are still going strong! 🙂 We spent a lot of the day outside as it warmed up quite a bit, which was really nice. I went for a long walk, and when I came home, Lover told me that his next meeting was canceled, so I headed right back out for another walk! I needed that quiet and fresh air and relaxation. I came back in a much better headspace!

In the evening after we put the kids to bed we watched a live concert from Brad Paisley. He broadcast from his home and it was delightfully unscripted and full of technical difficulties. We did our best to make it an at home date night with Lime- A-Ritas and lots of snuggling. We are missing our date nights!

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