April 6, 2020

(Day 12) In the morning, Lover made eggs, and then the kids finished off the muffins that our neighbor dropped off. Then it was time for chores. The Bigs worked on chores and school, they now have a list of independent work they need to do each day, and then we do some work all together. They also started their geography assignments from their Friday school teacher. I had a quick doctor’s appointment and got my clean bill of health for our visa process. Then I stopped at Target and grabbed a couple of cards to send to out of state friends who are celebrating birthdays soon!

We did a short video call with my parents and got an update on my grandma. She’s improving a little, hurray! Our adopted grandma Joy is in the hospital though, so prayers are appreciated for her healing! Lover made homemade pasta for lunch – YUM. He turned it into Chicken Alfredo and it was scrumptious! I’m a little concerned about how much weight we are going to gain during this confination! (Thanks for the word, Stay Homas!)

Javi went out for special time with Lover, they went to Wing Stop for wings and tried to find some foam plane fliers that Javi had seen, but the store was out of them. I got the house under control and the kids watched Spanish videos. Lover had an interview, and then joined me outside for some more hammock time. So relaxing!

Hanging out with us while we relax in the hammock!

Then it was time for a fire! We did marshmallows, and Lover was the king of perfect marshmallows! Cassandra cooked a perfect one too, which is pretty impressive for an almost 3 yr old. We ate lots of marshmallows, enjoyed the fire, and then added a color packet to make colorful flames. It didn’t work super well, but it was still fun!

We had planned to watch a Bible Project video before bed, but our doorbell rang, and our neighbor had dropped off foam plane fliers for the kiddos! Just like Javi wanted! So we watched them play with the planes. They were so excited and had so much fun running around and burning lots of energy.

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