April 7, 2020

(Day 13) We got a package from Nana, so the kiddos opened it up and enjoyed it on Tuesday morning. It is a big book of children’s poetry! Declan especially loves rhymes and poems, so we are looking forward to lots of reading!

The kids played a bunch with their new planes, and they enjoyed some time outside while I prepared for my Zoom call with our MOPS group. About a half hour before our Zoom call, a friend let me know that our Grandma Joy went to be with Jesus early Tuesday morning. I told Lover right away, and we cried together for a few minutes. We’re so happy she’s with Jesus, but we are sure going to miss her.

I pulled myself together (mostly) for our MOPS call, and it was nice to see everyone’s faces. We chatted for about an hour, and navigated technical difficulties while we figured out how to use Zoom. It was encouraging to see everyone and hear about what’s working for them right now in this weird phase of life. Javi kept coming in every fifteen minutes and saying, oh come on, really?

Lover had to work late today, so instead of the creek exploration we had planned, the kids and I took a long walk. I listened to worship music while we walked, which was calming. It’s hard to process another layer of grief on top of everything else right now! We told the kids in the evening after dinner, and they were both excited about the fact that Grandma Joy is in heaven, and sad and emotional! KK and Declan and Cassandra cried, and Javi stayed in the middle (emotionally) with not crying. We talked about how our grandmas are probably sitting up in heaven, talking about their kiddos down here! We said, Grandma Stocker probably said, “Do you know my Lukie?” And Grandma Joy probably said “And I know all your great grand children! I just love them.” Lover and I both went to bed early, we were both pretty wiped from the day.

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