April 8, 2020

(Day 14) We spent the morning assembling our “Easter packages” for our MOPS moms. We purchased the items last week, and the kids spent the morning helping me assemble them. They were lots of help, and the little Easter bags look pretty fun! We’ll deliver them to everyone’s porches this weekend.

We were supposed to have a video call with Lover’s parents, but they canceled, and then my mom checked on us to see how we and the kids were doing. So we ended up doing a video call with them instead! The kids especially enjoyed talking to them for a while. I’m planning an epic road trip for when this is all over to keep my mind occupied and I started mapping it all out on a map of the United States, adding hearts for the people we wanted to visit. The kids asked what I was doing, and I said I was making a map of where everyone that we loved lived. So they asked me to add heaven so we could add Grandma Joy as well. We hung the map on our mirrors in the dining room to make us smile.

We took a long family walk after Lover was done with work. This week has been a weird one, and we haven’t felt up for doing much, so we’re just taking it easy. I saw these spring blossoms as we walked and they gave me hope! Wednesdays we have a special treat, so the kids ate those and I think Lover worked some extra hours in the evening, and then we headed to bed!

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