April 10, 2020

(Day 16) Well, we both slept terribly last night, so morning came way too quickly! Lover headed right out to Home Depot to get the part we needed, and then came back and got to work before getting to work. 🙂 It took a while and was super annoying, but he got it working and we got our water back! We both took showers right away to get the ick off from working in the crawlspace, and a shower has never felt so good! Of course, in fixing the one leak, we found two more, so that got added to our afternoon plans.

The kids and I got right to work this morning making ALLL the banana breads as gifts for our friends. We’ll drop them off on porches tomorrow before the weather gets yucky on Sunday!

Then while the breads cooked, we did our devotional and the kids got dressed and ready for their day. Breads started coming out of the oven, and we moved on with our day, doing lots of dishes, helping kiddos with chores and school, etc. It was a busy morning! I had some emails to respond to, and we watched some funny videos that made us laugh lots! We cleaned out the van and chatted with our neighbors who walked by with their dogs.

Our neighbor down the street lost their 21 yr old son to the virus. Obviously, our whole neighborhood is saddened by this, and I am thinking and praying of how we can reach out to them! The kids watched a movie while I relaxed for a bit and then met up with a friend for a walk. All of this exercise has been so good for our health! But I do miss just sitting down and getting comfy with friends.

Keilana has been hard at work on the Easter worksheets that our kids’ ministry brought for the kids. There has been math, crosswords, puzzles and mazes; she loves stuff like this! Cassandra was born an entertainer, and has made some interesting fashion choices over the last few weeks! Keilana videoed her last three verses to complete her extra credit book for AWANA, congrats KK! She has worked so hard on AWANA this year!

Cassandra has fought her naps/quiet time every single day this week, except for today! She went right to bed, fell asleep and took a nice long nap! It was a nice break for everyone!

After lunch, Lover and Declan headed back to Home Depot to get more plumbing supplies for the other two leaks. There was no line when they got there, but there was a big line as they were leaving! They got what they needed, and then I worked as Lover’s runner while he fixed the remaining leaks. Hurray! He’s a whiz. Hopefully those are the last ones for a long time!

While he was gone, I worked on raking up leaves in the back yard. I filled three bags, but there are still lots more! Then we got the house cleaned up, finished up one more batch of banana bread, and the kids checked out ABCMouse.com. Keilana saw an ad for it and we can try it free for a month, so it seemed like a good time to check it out. Then we sent the kids to bed and Lover and I tuned in to our Good Friday livestream from our church. This is what service looks like these days!

It’s been a very full and tiring week, and a very emotional one too! We are looking forward to celebrating the Resurrection of Jesus on Sunday! If ever there was a time we needed to celebrate, its now!

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